Use MindLab

Use MindLab

MindLab implements projects in collaboration with our group of owners: The Ministry of Business and Growth, The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Employment and Odense Municipality. MindLabs Board determines annually which projects MindLab is to work with the next year.

In addition to long-term projects, employees in our group of owners can use MindLab as a discussion partner in own project processes or help to organize the processes that lie within MindLabs field of experience.

In addition to this, MindLab has some initiatives, where we invite more broadly:


About once a month an inspirational speaker is invited to dialogue on a given topic. Mostly it is in Danish, but once in a while we also have international speakers. In 2013, for example, we have focused on the challenges of the public secor with a presentation by Geoff Mulgan from NESTA. Learn about the next MindLabMorning through the front of the site. You can also view the videos from our previous international MindLabMorning seminars.