28/08 2014

MindLab supports design of new Open Policy Lab in UK Cabinet Office

MindLab designed and conducted a two-day workshop for the UK Cabinet Office to support their work on starting a new Policy Lab.

05/05 2014

PhD: The Irrealities of Public Innovation

MindLab’s Jesper Christiansen’s PhD thesis is exploring public innovation as a way of coping with current societal issues, and with the potential of increasing the effectiveness and legitimacy of state interventions.
Read summary or thesis

10/04 2014

PhD Defense in MindLab

MindLab’s Jesper Christiansen defends his PhD thesis ‘The Irrealities of Public Innovation’ in MindLab the 10th of April at 1 pm. The dissertation gives a new perspective on processes of change in the public sector and explores the creative dimension of public sector innovation practice.

05/02 2014

MindLab and UNDP

MindLab attended UNDPs Global Innovation meeting in Montenegro as an introductory speaker this autumm and UNDPs Global Centre Singapore’s Consultation on co-design and Public Policy Services in December. In addition MindLab has assisted UNDP’s inspirational work with presentations for Prime Minister Iurie Leancă and by teaching Moldovan public servants in human centered design and innovation Watch feature in Moldovan tv.

27/01 2014

David Halpern about nudging

Can citizens be supported and motivated in making smarter decisions? Director of Behavioral Insights Team Mr. David Halpern uses psychology and behavioral economics to come up with nudges. He visited January 23rd MindLab and inspired a group of senior officials from the Danish administration.

09/01 2014

Why do we need design in policy making?

To address the complex problems of our global society we need creative and innovative solutions and design could play an important role in crafting these. The first step is for policy makers to see the potential and invite design into the processes.

18/12 2013

What does the future of Europe hold?

The future European public sector is to be developed through design methods and cooperation between Member States, companies and citizens. The recommendations come from the EU expert group on public innovation which MindLabs Christian Bason is head of. Read all the recommendations.

29/10 2013

Design methods for public managers

How can design methods such as user involvement, ideation, experimentation and prototyping be used by public managers? Read ‘Public and Collaborative’ and get more knowledge on the subject. The book is a collaboration between a row of acknowledged organisations, and the introduction is written by MindLabs Christian Bason.

14/10 2013

How Public Design? 2013: How can design drive public sector innovation?

Find videos, pictures, pamphlets and power point presentations from the seminar ‘How Public Design?’ from 2 and 3 September that sets out to explore how design might drive public sector innovation to create new solutions.

02/10 2013

Publication: How Public Design? 2013

How can public sector challenges be met through design approaches? Read the summary from our seminar ‘How Public Design?’ held on September 2-3.

11/09 2013

Why discuss development in the public sector?

Every guest at ’How Public Design?’ were asked, why they had chosen to join and what personal experience they were bringing to the conversations that were taking place at the seminar. We hope that the conversation will continue.

28/05 2013

MindLabMorning with Geoff Mulgan

What challenges does the public sector have when isolated innovation projects have to be developed into ambitious systemic change processes? Geoff Mulgan, CEO of the British think tank NESTA, gave his perspectives on the challenge when he visited MindLabMorgen (morning seminar) on May 24.

07/03 2013

Publication: Co-production

How do we ensure collaboration with all the actors who can potentially make a controbution to the challenges we face? Can juvenile first time offenders be sentenced by youths with a criminal record? To see the citizens’ resources and design welfare with them rather than to them – that is what we call co-production. Read cases and useful principles on the subject in this pamphlet.

25/01 2013

MindLabMorning with Simon Willis

How may social media empower citizens? Listen to Simon Willis from Purpose.com explain how they make people engage with large and complex arguments, like they did in the project therules.org. Simon Willis’ presentation is available for download here.

25/10 2012

MindLab Reflections: innovation in policy

The latest report published by MindLab in collaboration with the think tank Nesta (UK) is not only coming from in-depth research of public innovation. It is also a product of an open dialogue with public decision makers, researchers, practitioners and others involved in the field of rethinking public governance. This film is snapshot of this dialogue.

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