How to open the public sector?

MindLab is part of the ambitious new research network Opening governance led by New York University’s GovLab. The network will explore digitally-enabled approaches to solving public problems. Among the participants is inventor of the world wide web, MIT’s Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Northern Ireland announces new Innovation Lab

Finance Minister Simon Hamilton has outlined his plan to launch a new Innovation Laboratory to modernise and reform public services in the future, and develop solutions to complex problems in a short timescale.

David Halpern about nudging

Can citizens be supported and motivated in making smarter decisions? Director of Behavioral Insights Team Mr. David Halpern uses psychology and behavioral economics to come up with nudges. He visited January 23rd MindLab and inspired a group of senior officials from the Danish administration.

Design methods for public managers

How can design methods such as user involvement, ideation, experimentation and prototyping be used by public managers? Read ‘Public and Collaborative’ and get more knowledge on the subject. The book is a collaboration between a row of acknowledged organisations, and the introduction is written by MindLabs Christian Bason.

New Nordic School – bottom up change

New Nordic school is challenging the standard assumption that change is primarily something that comes from the top. Proposed changes to the law and frameworks play an important role, but changes and improvements don’t really begin until individual pedagogues, teachers or heads, together with the children and their parents make the changes real. > CASE

MindLab and UNDP

MindLab attended UNDPs Global Innovation meeting in Montenegro as an introductory speaker this autumm and UNDPs Global Centre Singapore’s Consultation on co-design and Public Policy Services in December. In addition MindLab has assisted UNDP’s inspirational work with presentations for Prime Minister Iurie Leancă and by teaching Moldovan public servants in human-centered design Watch feature in Moldovan tv.

Focus on the goal and the end user

How do we redesign government services? The public sector will have to be more like a facilitator in figuring out how to bring the stakeholders together, rather than just a provider of services. Blog on MindLabs work by Joanna Mikulski

Apply human-centered design to public problems

How can the public sector use human-centered design? And what does the citizen obtain? Humed-centered design is all about listening to the needs of individuals, and then create new initiatives in the public sector.

From MindBlog


There is increasing talk of replacing the classic ”hard” reform tools such as regulation and inspections with “soft” tools such as involvement, support and facilitation. But this is not an either-or situation: the challenge lies in finding the right balance of reforms between top-down and bottom-up.

(Christian Bason, 10.04.2014)


What is the actual role of everyday people in our work with user-centered design and citizen-centered policymaking? Three social scientists try to answer important quetions from their day-to-day work.

(Jesper Christiansen 18.03.2014)


How do we gather insight to what the users really need? By using prototypes, we can investigate the idea’s impact on affected parties at an early stage and implement any adjustments ahead of the final implementation.

(Laura Winge 14.03.2014)

Social sciences in action

How do we put social sciences into action? And not just design thinking? As social scientists we will challenge and advance our collective thinking, and try to answer questions with a new approach.

(Jesper Christiansen, 11.03.2014)

How to gauge the effect of development work?

What difference do we make for the businesses and citizens who ultimately pay our salaries? And how do we gauge the difference that we make? For the last seven years, MindLab has been very keen to gauge the effect of the work that we do.

(Niels Hansen, 19.02.2014)

2014 will be the year of experimentation

Public sector leaders around the world are trying to make experimentation into a more systematic, integrated part of their organisation. There are indications that 2014 will be the year in which the innovation laboratory becomes more mainstream. But the strategy is not without its pitfalls.

(Christian Bason, 16.01.2014)

Nations talk, cities act

While leadership among the world’s heads of state is at a standstill, the major cities of the world are becoming increasingly important when it comes to solving global challenges. But how can cities work with innovation? New York’s outgoing mayor is leading the way.

(Christian Bason, 02.12.2013)